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We can ensure that your building has all the modern fire safety precautions.

Fire Protection System Retrofit in OntarioHaving the proper fire safety system in your business is critical for everyone who uses the building, but not everyone has the advantage of living or working in a newer building that’s fitted with all the latest fire protection technology. For those who are concerned about the fire safety of their building, a fire protection system retrofit service can provide invaluable peace of mind. Here at G&R Fire Systems, Inc., we can provide the expert retrofitting services you need to help protect everyone who lives in your home or uses your facilities.

A fire protection system retrofit can consist of several different upgrades or improvements, depending on the unique needs of your property. This service might include upgrading the fire alarms and sprinkler system, adding emergency lighting, fitting the space with fire suppression systems, and more. We’ll help you determine the specific needs that should be addressed in your fire protection plan and then come up with a solution to ensure that your building is as prepared as possible to handle a fire emergency.

In addition to adding new fire safety features, a fire protection system retrofit also includes inspecting the existing fire safety features to ensure that they’re fully operational and up to code. For example, our team can check your smoke detectors, sprinkler system, and any other components to make sure they function properly and are ready to do their job in the event of a fire-related emergency.

If you need a fire protection system retrofit in the Ontario area, we’re the ones to trust with the job. Contact our office today to get started and take the first steps towards a safer property.

At G&R Fire Systems, Inc., we proudly provide fire protection system retrofit services to customers throughout Ontario, including Barrie, Innisfil, Midland, Orillia, and Collingwood.